Hamish Friedlander

Hamish Friedlander

CTO of SilverStripe.

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Hamish has more than a decade of industry experience and a comprehensive knowledge of open source frameworks and languages. As CTO of SilverStripe Ltd – a company based in New Zealand that produces, amongst other things, the open source PHP Framework and CMS also called SilverStripe – he uses that experience to ensure they remain applicable to the evolving way humans use the internet, technologically advanced without becoming technical and future-focused without losing sight of the present.
A multi-disciplinarian, Hamish is at home coding backend PHP, designing CSS layouts, optimising SQL statements, or load-hardening Debian. He thinks JavaScript is a near-perfect language, the web is our saviour from the perils of lock-in, and open source will inevitably triumph.


Money is not a dirty word (or: how to give away all your code and still turn a profit)

  September 3, 2015
  11:50  -  12:30