API to API to API, but who owns the data?

September 3, 2015   15:30  -  16:10   MCLT1

  September 3, 2015
  15:30  -  16:10

API to API to API, but who owns the data?

Through my experiences at Common Ledger, we have been venturing into an interesting place.

We’re building a platform that’s a custodian for customers data, but that data is not theirs, nor is it ours, but if our customer modifies it, how do we ensure the correct authoritative measures are met when data under and not under their ownership melds together into something else.

Through this talk I will start with some interesting stories around scenarios where I have learned about working with data ownership (Paymark, and 3Taps)

I will explain what I believe is the correct approach to data aggregation, how to ensure the stability of storing data integrity around ownership, and how we (the wider community) can handle situations when data ownership is questioned such as where one party requests their data to be removed when it’s helped modify the overall data.

It’s a technical talk around methods and approaches to aggregating data, but also a commercial talk around company structure and best practices to allow this.

Level: mid
Category: api

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