PHP Conference Warm Up 2015

PHP User Group Wellington
The PHP UG Wellington is organising another PHP Conference Warm Up for the New Zealand PHP Conference in collaboration with the SilverStripe meetup this year.

This free event will be on the day of the workshops, 2nd September 2015, and starts at 6pm. We will have 5min Lightning Talks – everyone welcome but limited spots and conference speakers will be given preferential treatment.

The following conference speakers will be there, for a list of all talks and speakers see the table at the bottom.

Hugo Hamon Ben Marks Steven Cooper
Christopher Pitt Ben Dechrai Hamish Friedlander


Edit: Videos of the talks can be found at


In collaboration with

NZ PHP ConferenceSilverStripe



Hugo Hamon – PHP design pattern
Ben Marks – Magento 2 Development in 5 minutes
5 minute intro to the development features of Magento 2.
Steven Cooper –  Integrate payments faster than you can untangle {these} headphones
I show devs how to integrate using Braintree and accept Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay faster than someone I pick from the audience can untangle some very tangled headphones.
Christopher Pitt – Zombies and Binary
Ever played Minecraft. I bet you weren’t thinking of logical operations or electronics at the time. When I think of Minecraft, that’s all I think about. Let me tell you why…
Ben Dechrai – Five Eyes in Five Minutes
Hamish Friedlander – The power of boring – how the middle ground is often the best
The anti-life-hack life hack. Want to be happy, fit, look good? Want to write code fast, that works well, and that clients love? Hamish will show you how with this one weird old trick you already know.
Davey Shafik – TBA
Dustin Whittle – Performance Testing Crash Course
The performance of your application affects your business more than you might think. Top engineering organizations think of performance not as a nice-to- have, but as a crucial feature of their product. Join this talk to find out how to get started testing your applications.
Katie McLaughlin – Hat Rack
More people contribute to open source software development than we currently know about. Let’s get their work noticed.
Sam Minnée – Dr Strangecode: How I learned to stop worrying and love the parser
Although it’s ambitious to cover parser creation in 5 minutes, it’s enough time to show everyone that writing parsers doesn’t have to be scary.
Juliet Brown – The intersection of Art and Technology
How a Fine Arts degree helped me to begin a career as a UX developer and how a fine arts mindset helps me overcome development challenges.
Garion Herman – Forums: A Love Story
In the age of social networking and instant messaging, forum software is slowly fading out of the mainstream. Garion takes a quick journey down memory lane and brings forward some lessons we have learnt from this ‘classic’ platform.
Jack Skinner – TBA